CTKC 2016 Race Report

8th August 2016

CTKC 2016 – Wednesday 3rd August, Rye House Kart Circuit

Huge congratulations to Stuart Seymour of SWS Commercials who wins the CTKC 2016!

What a fantastic days racing at Rye House! The event was made up of 25 entrants, including Centurion staff members, 2016 BTCC drivers Aron Smith & Andrew Jordan, Clients, Customers, friends & our competition winners Max and Laura.

Although the forecast was looking somewhat wet, the sun came out, the track dried and qualifying and all three races were completed without sight of any of the wet stuff falling….

We had a full grid of 25 drivers and during qualifying – Aron and Andrew quickly quashed any hopes of any of the remaining 23 amateurs starting race one on pole. Completing the 15-minute qualifying session, Andrew set the quickest lap beating Aron by a mere 21 hundredths of a second setting the pace for pole at 0:43.70 seconds. Behind the professionals the grid lined up with Stuart Seymour in 3rd, Geoff Baker in 4th and Jaron Brown in 5th (places 3-10 were only separated by 2.31 seconds). Once everyone had found their lines, close battles for places all the way down the grid were soon being competed. Having run 19 laps, Andrew came over the line 9 tenths of a second quicker than Aron to take the win.

Despite Andrew starting Race 2 on pole, it was soon clear that a mechanical issue with his Kart meant he was quickly relegated to the back of the field and subsequently had no option other than to limp down the start straight, around turn 1 back into the pits for attention. Aron was in his expected element and stormed ahead, showing everyone how it should be done (mind you it does help knowing the track!) Again, close battles throughout the field meant there was a good level of racing from all those who started. Race 1 had unexpectedly overrun by nearly 3 minutes, so having completed the 2nd race in the allocated time, Aron crossed the line victoriously in a time of 11:15.786. Stuart Seymour crossed in second place closely followed by Geoff Baker who was half a second down. Jaron Brown finished in 4th (7 seconds ahead of Doug Gill in 5th) Places 5–10 were separated by only 20 seconds and those who finished slightly down the order showed good pace having got a little more used to the track and knowing where they could push harder as the race progressed.

Because of Andrew’s misfortune of being in the pits for nearly one and a half minutes in Race 2, he unsurprisingly started Race 3 down the field, however, as we all knew he would - quickly moved forward showing how good a driver he really is! Meanwhile, benefiting from a reverse grid of the top places, Geoff Baker started on pole with Stuart Seymour starting in 2nd, Aron lined up in 3rd followed by Jaron Brown, Doug Gill and Daniel Cramphorn. The first 5 laps were led by Geoff Baker who managed (somehow) to keep the professionals behind until half way around lap 6 when Aron sped past closely followed by Andrew hot on his heels wanting to rectify his bad luck in Race 2. Jaron Brown soon overtook and cemented third place following the professionals (incidentally Jaron’s quickest lap in Race 3 was only 5 tenths slower than Andrew’s!) Andrew took the chequered flag with Aron a very close second and Jaron Brown a brilliant third.

So with the racing completed, everyone headed back upstairs for a BBQ (except a certain vegetarian who shall remain nameless we hasten to add!!) Shortly after, we held the CTKC 2016 presentation with trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the 3 races and then the big one – the overall Championship. It would have course been unfair on the rest of the entrants for us to have classified Aron and Andrew in the Championship, so although Aron finished slightly ahead of Andrew overall – the points were re-calculated and both Aron and Andrew kindly conducted the presentation of the trophies to the victors. No one went home empty handed though as everyone was presented with a Centurion Touring Kart Championship Medal as a memento.

Race 1

Winner - Stuart Seymour (14:32.61)
2nd Place – Jaron Brown (14:41.01)
3rd Place – Daniel Cramphorn (14:44.91)

Quickest lap (professional & amateur)

Andrew Jordan – 0:43.31
Daniel Cramphorn – 0:44.43

Race 2

Winner – Stuart Seymour (11:29.12)
2nd Place - Geoff Baker (11:29.66)
3rd Place – Jaron Brown (11:31.12)

Quickest lap (professional & amateur)

Aron Smith – 0:43.39
Jaron Brown – 0:44.16

Race 3

Winner – Jaron Brown (12:28.51)
2nd Place – Geoff Baker (12:31.11)
3rd Place – Daniel Cramphorn (12:37.10)

Quickest lap (professional & amateur)

Andrew Jordan – 0:43.28
Jaron Brown – 0:43.79


1st Place Overall – Stuart Seymour (42 points)
2nd Place Overall – Jaron Brown (41 points)
3rd Place Overall – Geoff Baker (38 points)

The top ten rounded off as follows:

4th Overall – Daniel Cramphorn (32 points)
5th Overall – Doug Gill (29 points)
6th Overall – Jay Spencer (20 points)
7th Overall – Max Greenfield (19 points, tie break 45.43 quickest lap)
8th Overall – Simon Munday (19 points)
9th Overall – Kieran Brown (17 points)
10th Overall – Thomas Carek (12 points)

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Aron, Andrew, Rye House for hosting a fantastic day and all our entrants who contributed to making it a memorable day!

Our official event photographer Andrew Webb attended the meeting taking hundreds of photos (which has taken some time to whittle down to a selection) some of which are available to view on our Facebook page.

Roll on CTKC 2017!!


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