Before any repair work is started we must be contacted by telephone first (the Free phone number below). If any repairs are carried out prior to our being contacted, we won’t be able to pay for any claim made under the warranty - after all, you wouldn’t go and replace your car if it were involved and written off in a serious motor accident without first speaking to your insurance company....would you? Well the same rules apply here, we must have the opportunity to look at the vehicle and any damaged parts (if we decide it is necessary) and agree fair and reasonable costs prior to them being replaced.

Once we have been contacted, we will either authorise the repair, arrange for an independent engineer to inspect the problem or explain the reason(s) why we cannot be involved.

When an authorised repair is completed, the repairers invoice and any other document(s) required should be sent to us so that we may settle the bill (we aim to turnaround claims within 7 days). We will confirm what we need. If you have any doubt as to how the process works - please give us a call, we’ll do our best to answer any questions and explain the process to you as best as we can. Full details are provided in the Warranty Agreement.

All documents should be posted to the address detailed on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Repairs: 0800 368 8808